The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.

 - Psalm 126:3

"I was given the Gospel when I was 24 years old by a co-worker who told me that I could not go to heaven unless I sought the Lord, confessed my sins and asked Him to save me. This was certainly new to me! I knelt that night and asked Jesus to forgive me and save me. There was a change in my life. But as a new Christian I was floundering with no church or fellowship. I at this time was married and attended another Lutheran church. For the next twenty years, I led an unfruitful, backslidden life.

"In 1995, I walked into First Baptist Churchand I knew immediately that I had found where God wanted me to be. My life changed. I re-affirmed my salvation, was baptized, and joined the local family of God.

"God definitely drew me to Himself and has been working in my life ever since. I CAN say that God pulled me out of the miry clay and I thank and praise Him for His complete unending grace and love."

- Terry Collette


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