Many people, when confronted with death, religion, or Jesus are very offended. It is not our intention to offend, but to present the truth of what God says. Let me address a few reasons why you might have indicated that you are not interested in hearing what the Bible says about Jesus.


Perhaps you don't believe the Bible.


There is good evidence by scholars, Christian and secular, that prove the Bible's authority and veracity. I encourage you to do some more homework on the Bible before you stop worrying about where you are going to spend eternity.


Perhaps you were turned off to God by some religious entity or person.


I am truly sorry for this, and wish that it wouldn't have happened. But let me also say that someone misrepresenting Jesus is no reason to reject what He says and who He is. He is still worth following and believing. Truth is still truth, even for those who have supposedly valid reasons for rejecting it.


Perhaps you don't believe in God


There are many reasons for not believing in God, ranging from a belief in science over the existence of God to the problem of the presence of evil in this world. There are good answers to these questions and any questions you may have, and I invite them, if you will click HERE.


Perhaps you feel this topic is unimportant


Those in charge of the first voyage of the Titanic thought it unimportant to include extra lifeboats. They soon found out, however, that they were wrong. I would hate for you to find out that this IS an important issue, only too late to do anything about it. Will you reconsider, and do something about your soul?


If you still choose to navigate away from these pages, I hope that what you have read has made some impact. Please feel free to stop by again, and remember that the offer of salvation is yours whenever you want it.

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