Today, First Baptist Christian School is in a spacious facility that includes a library, a computer lab, and room for indoor activities. God has blessed First Baptist Christian School over the years and we look forward to many more years of telling the next generation the faithfulness of our Lord!


                                                                                                                    Psalm 78:4


Here is the class that attended First Baptist Christian School in 1995:


In 1995, when the old First Baptist Church building was torn down, the church relocated and the school went along with it. Here they are in cramped quarters in 1995:


Over the years, First Baptist Christian School has had many graduates. Here are two:


Enrollment fluctuated throughout the years, but the mission of First Baptist School remained the same. Here was one of the largest enrollments, in 1982:


Students got involved in promoting the school. This is a picture of students on a float during “Logging Days” here in Park Rapids in 1979:


Within the first few years of the school’s existence, several of the Senior High School students were able to compete in the ACE Convention competition. In 1979, they were held in Pocatello, ID. Here is a picture of these students on their way out to the Convention:


Mrs. Pat Henderson was the first teacher for the Learning-to-Read class. Here is a picture of her first class:


The man on the upper right corner is Mr. Fred Bennett. He and his wife Beth moved to Park Rapids to become the first supervisors of the school. Here is a clip from the newspaper announcement:

History of First Baptist Christian School

First Baptist Christian School started as a vision to provide quality Christian education, which included character training, to the young people of First Baptist Church. That ministry has expanded to include those who are not members of First Baptist Christian School. First Baptist Christian School was started in 1974. Here is a picture of the first class:

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